Re: DCC Power Boosters - Mix or Match? >>> Match

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

So here is what I am doing now.....
Cause I am not Steve Wozniak and can't put odd components together for Pong.
Here is a video...

Sorry about it being in German...but after 5 years of High School and University German....I finally have a use for all those Klasses.
Not sure you are getting this..
Or got turned off to the Lese-Sprache...
Just listen to the music and watch..
====> Yes, you can adjust the variables at the Command Station and then test these variables with specific trains on your layout.
Need more power? ....
Yes, Matched ESU Boosters are Plug n Play...
Not bad...I felt a rant coming on but instead decided to skip it.
:)) Mark

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