Re: Power Boosters


Hi Obie-wan,

Even if you get it working technically (and some combinations should be workable), think of the nightmare when you need advice from a manufaturer because one day something doesn't want to play anymore. As soon as you admit to mixing brands, each will point to the other, and you will be left with no help except for the internet (which isn't bad, but having the manufacturer jump ship *is*).

So my response: better not.

On Thu, 13 Jun 2019 at 04:06, <obeeone@...> wrote:
Can anyone help me with this question? I'm re-entering the train scene but I'm asking if I am able to "mix-n-match" brands of power boosters. In other words, say I have an NCE DCC system. Can I add a Bachmann or Digitrax or any other brand as a power booster, or must the power booster be of the same brand system? Can I mix them? Thanx.

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