Re: Power Boosters

vincent marino

Theorectically you should be able to because all up to date manufacturers use national standards. However if the boosters you're using have any age and considering how tempimental DCC is, I would recommend single source manufacturer for a new layout. Think about it, if you tracking down a problem you're not going to know if it's a short or a manufacturer conflict. I like to say "never enough time (or money) to do it right always enough time to do it over".

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019, 11:06 PM <obeeone@...> wrote:
Can anyone help me with this question? I'm re-entering the train scene but I'm asking if I am able to "mix-n-match" brands of power boosters. In other words, say I have an NCE DCC system. Can I add a Bachmann or Digitrax or any other brand as a power booster, or must the power booster be of the same brand system? Can I mix them? Thanx.

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