Re: Current through the soldering iron tip

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

As from a previous thread...(deleted by management)
>>> I am a big proponent of a properly wired AND Grounded (with pound in ground 10' spikes) 
Beginning any phase of DCC ...
be it wiring the layout.
plugging in the DCC controller..
And YES...
Using a Three Prong Ground Receptacle which has Not just been hung on the wall for looks
> Even for soldering.
In this old house...I found many an outlet which was out of phase (and out of gauge).
:)) Mark

I just spent more than three grueling days running a new line out to the AC Compressor in 100+ heat.
The wire to that location ?
I don't know....I had cut it previously as I began to simply rip out what I saw as a potential fire hazard.
Since my last posting however...I found a hidden Circuit Breaker Box hidden behind a built in cabinet...only accessible by removing a drawer.
Whose to know?
The wires leading to it...were under gauged and aluminum.  Didn't bother to figure out what it went to...
I removed it immediately.
Oops! It may have connected to the AC Compressor.
I only became seriously motivated when the heat was about to top 99 degrees.
All now successfully replaced. I got AC Again !

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