Re: Betwixt and Between Layout - I have seen the Elephant

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 02:20 PM, Don Vollrath wrote:
RC filter/snubbers?

Thanks Don...

I have never yet used a RC Filter/snubber
and with a single ECoS eventually taking all over command....?
I am not sure even two districts are necessary but Yes, that is how they will be wired as they meet.
Eventually, I do plan on adding an ESU Booster directly to the primary ECoS Controller.
One to each district ?
I don't know yet.
For now...each ECoS is only controlling the trackage as I move towards the middle or 23 Skidoo Street Bridge. 
However...and let me see if I can explain this without going off the rails...
but I am actually enjoying the use of two ECoS at the same time for a total of 4 Locomotives ON SCREEN at the same time.
When the track is joined....?
I may wish to continue such an array; with the ESU Sniffer.
:)) Mark

But there is something else...
And ah...?
I am not so sure I should even mention it today....but I have been slowing moving at the Gallop of a horse in a Cavalry Charge towards a Clean, Well Lighted and Very Operational Layout.
That is the nice way to put it...
Before I seemingly go off on another rant...this time even against myself....I better shut up for now; but I am also considieing simply eliminating the 23 Skidoo Street Bridge, till I complete the entire loop and have it working 100% BEFORE I begin to allow myself to add any possible trouble spots.

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