Re: Controlling MTH DCS system

Richard Gagnon <richg_1998@...>

That has been a common discussinion for some time in the forums. Not very compatible.


On Monday, May 27, 2019, 7:43 PM, Gary Chudzinski <chudgr@...> wrote:

I have an S gauge MTH F-3A/B set.  It has the latest DCS version The DCS system leaves a lot to be desired in terms of operating on my NCE DCC system Layout!  Many of the functions operate differently and often the locos do not move when first turned on  until I reinitiate the consist function, even though the audio and lights operate.  There is a significant incompatibility that I doubt will ever be resolved.  Some friends have stripped the DCS decoders, in favor of DCC decoders, from their HO and S locos.  MTH detailing, however, is very nice in both scales!
Gary Chudzinski

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