Re: K.I.S.S.

Greg Elmassian

Wow, well, I have some experience with DCC and also a lot of experience with teaching and supporting.

When someone asks "how do I program CV29", what do you do?

Here's several legitimate responses:

1. you need to assemble the base 10 number from the bits in the binary representation of CV29
2. you can get a CV calculator
3. you can run a program like JMRI to help you

What's best?

Well, you could determine in your mind what is best.

You could spend some time "interviewing" the person to try to give the best response.

You could explain a method and then see if that "took" and if not, try an alternative.

I read this thread and there's some opinions that "anyone can understand binary and you should too", and also "your opinion is bad because you are making someone spend money", and lots of other opinions.

I have my opinions on how I go about answering the question... but won't bring those here.

What I do want to state, and hope my examples help emphasize this: A beginner asking what is a simple question to him, does not necessarily result in a simple answer, and there's many ways to go about it.

If you believe that with very little information other than the "simple question" you can immediately give the "best answer", well, I look up to your capabilities, I surely cannot answer the "CV29 question" without knowing a lot more about the person asking, or spending a lot more time trying various explanations.

So, I think everyone has a point here.


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