Re: Older Shinohara Turnout Confusion

George Galyon

On the Shinohara double x-overs I am familiar with the "flipping all 4 crossbars" technique eliminates shorts on the "newer" code 100 doubles (the ones with the single crossbar) but it is not sufficient of and by itself for the older
code 100 double cross-bar doubles.  For the older double crossbar crossovers you need to do a little insulation work on the K crossings (the leftmost and the rightmost crossings) by coating the sidewalls of the rails on all 4 sides of the crossing point/s.  Nail polish will work but only for a little while.  I ended up using JB weld and we have run successfully for over 2 years now w/o shorting through the K or X crossings.  We also get through the point-stock rail gaps w/o shorting...maybe our gaps were on the high side of the spec. because some reports indicate that long cars can't make it through without shorting between the point rail and the stock rail.  I have run 80' passenger cars and a Westside Q-2 (4-4-6-4...solid frame) through 4 different Shinohara code 100 double X-overs w/o any shorting problems...could be that I am just lucky..

I do note that some of Alan Gartner's W4DCC authors have quite different experiences with the Shinohara doubles...they apparently had to go the "gap, switch,  and wire" route to get short-free performance.  I got the impression that we
were not working with the same hardware...

I will miss the Shinohara turnouts.  I had a layout with Shinohara code 70 track, turnouts, and a C70 double x-over.  Our current club layout has "very old" Shinohara C100 doubles and a "very old" Shionohara C100 three-way...all worked very well as long as you could jumper wire the point to closure rail connection (if necessary).   And you could see how the Shinohara family constantly improved their product over the years...they really paid attention.  Yes..their little contact
strips at the points could get jammed up...on occasion.  But that was biggie. 

BTW...none of the commercially available turnouts are "perfect"...they all have their little gremlins. 

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