Re: K.I.S.S.

Gary Chudzinski

Morgan Bilbo writes:   Why do the responses all seem to be: 1> over a beginners head. 2> involve spending money. 3> and sometimes confuse the original requestor. I see this a lot. A man asks about CV's and he gets told to buy a PR4 or it's equivalent to get JMRI and JAVA. Yes, that's good advice, but that isn't what the requester asked. And since I'm guessing that most requester's are novices or beginners, why overload them with future advice.  

Being one whose technical knowledge is somewhere between high tech and new to DCC, I think I can answer your question using the KISS principle!  My observation is that when some individuals with a vast technical knowledge answer a technical question, they don't always respond to the most elementary level of the persons understanding.  This is not a slam at these folks, but there is such a wide range of DCC knowledge and understanding by members of the groups. io Lists that it's difficult to respond to the technical level of each.  I share your frustration at times, but I find responding directly, off list, to the person that has confused me brings results.  I think for the most part, if a person bothers to respond to questions, they are willing to clarify and help individually as much as possible.  When new to DCC, there is a lot to learn and patience, study, re-reading the manuals are all necessary!  It might also be helpful to identify in your post, that you are new to DCC with very limited understanding of DCC vernacular.  That should enhance a KISS response!  Hope this helps. 

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