I want to address a problem I see. Not specifically this forum. But when someone asks a question, has a problem, etc. Why do the responses all seem to be: 1> over a beginners head. 2> involve spending money. 3> and sometimes confuse the original requestor. I see this a lot. A man asks about CV's and he gets told to buy a PR4 or it's equivalent to get JMRI and JAVA. Yes, that's good advice, but that isn't what the requester asked. And since I'm guessing that most requester's are novices or beginners, why overload them with future advice. I did respond about CV's in a K.I.S.S. manner because that's what I thought the original request was for. Not to go buy more. A DC402 is NOT required. A PR4 is NOT required. The simple Zephyr or whatever will suffice until the beginner/novice/requester get his/her feet wet. After a bit of experiment, and a little more confidence, he/she can then decide on Decoder Pro or whatever. Sorry for this if it offends anyone. I do not intend to do that. I only request that y'all be considerate of other people. And don't "over-answer" with advice that is premature.
JMRI is a great product, so is downloading JAVA, and so is buying a PR4/or equivalent.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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