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I also am a beginner at CVs on a Digitrax layout.  I struggled to program CVs with my DT402 throttle.  I have found using JMRI on my laptop to be MUCH easier and less confusion.  JMRI is free, but I had to buy a PR4 to connect my laptop to a short length of dedicated programming track.  It was well worth  the investment.


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To Lee Phillips 

For Digitrax you need a DT400 or 402 throttle. Plug it in to the loconet. Power on the system. Put the loco on the track. Press the PRGM button and look at the throttle display window. 

For main track programming, it should show Po. If you’re using a programming track the choices are PH, Pd, Pg. To change between these keep pressing the PRGM button. Some decoders respond better to one over another. 

To choose which CV turn the left knob. To set the value turn the right knob.

Hope this gets you started. 
Mike Shockley 

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