Re: programming CV

Tom O'Hara

I felt that might be the problem. So let me say again, that you need to find a human that will do it in person or get on the phone with you. I have done this more than once with EasyDCC and NCE, with which I am familiar. But a couple of times, a friend has called me about Digitrax; and I have dug into the manual on line to find out how to do it. We got him going via the phone. So see if you can find that Digitrax stranger/friend to get on the phone and let him talk you through it. Seriously,  10-15 minutes and you'll have the idea. You will then be able to start playing. 

Incidentally, please not me. I am tired of having to relearn Digitrax every year or two. Two systems are enough to keep me confused!

Happy trails!


On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 11:08 AM Lee Phillips <leenbeau@...> wrote:
Many, Many thanks for all the information. However, the DCC engine came with a CD and has  All of the CV"s listed.  I just don't know how to get into them.  I am using a Digitrax control system.  Thanks again for your help

... Tom

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