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I concur with all. But need to add. The first thing I did when starting with a new loco fresh from the mfgr, imptr. On a programming track, using either Page or Direct, reset the loco number from 3 to whatever you want, usually the loco number. That's about 99%. Then, while on programming track, read the CV's for those basic ones, CV 3,4,5&6. "Write them down". What I tried doing at first, was to go ahead an change some. But found it better to just leave the loco number on and take the engine to the running track. Using Ops mode, change one number at a time. Example was CV 5. When satisfied you have the right number in CV 5, "Write it down". Then do CV 6. Same, when satisfied, WRITE IT DOWN. Continue on with CV 3 & 4. When done with these 4 (CV 5, 6, 3, 4). Leave the engine alone. Play with it. Run it until you are totally satisfied. Those numbers written down, the original and your choices. They are you bible. Retain in someplace secure. I use a binder for the paper and also an excel file on the PC. All back up. The other CV's can wait until you are more comfortable with them. IMHO, that's as far as I went. Even with my sound loco. My next step with the sound loco is the bell and whistle. Those require the locos manual to get the right CV's. Again though, before changing any others, go back to the programming track and read the original settings for each CV you are interested in. Be sure to record/write/input on PC. I can not emphasize this enough! Now this should help everyone. And if you disagree, please do so.
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