Re: Not planning on a Reversing Triangle on my next Layout.

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Thank you for both of your replies...
Now combine them....
I have a very long reply which is in the Drafts...
To save you all the tedious time of reading it...
Here is the Gist:

You need to get the whole locomotive through the Switch Turnout BEFORE It encounters yet another aspect of Connectivity...or even physics.

So the front pilot can not derail through the turnout and the drivers should remain rigid as one or it confused at the frog.
Further...The tender wheels need to clear the turnout before the pilot wheels encounter the next conductivity.
How do you do that in a WYE ?
Good Luck with that...!
Cause for now...No WYE's 
Only Three #12 Turnouts.
Once I can circumnavigate my House and 25x30 foot layout....
Will I pick up the Gambit of Auto-Reversers ?
Not until I install LokSound Decoders with Sound into several of my Steam Locomotives.
Each of those will require 12 or so hours of labor and concentration.
Got Oak Tress and Rolling Hills ?

It's all about the money Boys !
After purchasing several defunct layouts which never came to be....
I began to create my own Oak Trees and Rolling Hills which depict California.
NOT Mississippi.
Thank you for the conversational hiatus.
I refuse to be a Man of Constant Sorrow.
:)) Mark

It's not really about the money nor the constant collecting of this stuff (which may nor may not work).
It's about completing an Operational Layout with Trees in your life time.
I am feeling a bit guilty for buying so much of this stuff from Widows; as another of my few friends from High School may not survive the week.

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