Re: Rail Gaps and the N Scale Nakamura Cab Forward... And this makes me Smile.

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

With all of the above said....
I am at present on a new concept of limiting abuses in my life which include N Scale Turnouts and so called Auto Reversers...along with other aspects of model railroading (as well as in my Other Lives)
There is only so much a Substitute Teacher in California can endure.
When I get Home from the day, I do not need more challenges and questionable actions in MY HOBBY.
Perhaps you can tell me ....
Why an N Scale Layout depicting Northern California yet in Prague....impresses me ?
WYE can't I make it so.....?
Too many freaking distractions in California. We can't even get a Bullet Train to run...between Fresno and Bakersfield.
Design a Layout around this

For now...I am designing my layout(s) to run but one Locomotive with a 30 car train behind it.
DC or DCC?
At this point I don't care.....
Though at the moment (this too will change) I own over 10 various DCC Controllers as well as over 100 Decoder equipped Locomotives.
No, I am not attempting to first run (again) an Athearn Big Boy or Challenger nor even an Intermountain DCC Cab Forward..
Nor for that matter a Walther's Y6B. (I own more than one example of each)
They all have issues....and so do N Scale Turnouts and Ought-to Reversers.
Trying to accommodate each loco in motion...has given me enough motive to be driven loco.
My efforts remind me of the song by Creedcence Ooby Dooby.
You move to the left you move to the try with all of your might 
And in the end you are speaking gibberish.
Ooby Dooby.
If you didn't quite get my meaning.....
Even a freaking genius has his moments.
Gap this Gap Just do that.....Then offset your the left and to the right.
Does it help ?
No, cause the way the contacting points on a particular locomotive may hit the rail differently between various versions.
So while some long locomotives may travel over a #6...
Good Luck in getting even one to travel successfully over a #4 consistently (even though it says it can on the box).
For now...I have gone to #9's and larger as per BNSF Specifications.

So if Auto Reversers have PERSISTENT  problems....(Yes, and further I own at least one example of all of them)
Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result is a definition of crazy.
Good Luck with that!
which is my translation for Ooby Dooby.
I saw a Cab Forward in operation in 1955...which is why I am so motivated to run one correctly.
My parents had many friends who worked for the Santa Fe, Western Pacific and Southern Pacific in the day.
My father called the Cab Forward ...The Ass-Backwards Locomotive.
So does running a Locomotive back wards help.....
Ooby Dooby!
Perhaps the first words out of my mouth in 1955, as a two year old seeing his first Cab Forward in operation.
The ESU ECoS had a shorter time mode to reverse switching at a higher voltage than many other DCC Controllers and Auto Reversers.
No...I do not yet know if this is the answer and I am not so sure I want to burn up a Nakamura Cab Forward to find out True.

Let Mickey do it....
I will probably use my Athearn, Intermountain and Walthers DCC Long Steam to test my theories/trackage; purchased at around $150 each...cause it ain't gonna be my Hallmark 4-10-2 with LokSound at over $500.
DC for now may not be so bad...
Model Railroading is Fun!

For now...
All I want to do is run a Nakamura Cab Forward Train through the walls around the perimeter of my house up on the crest of my crown molding...
So I can drive my cats nuts.
They love the sounds and lights which my trains make and love to run through the house with their little feet.
And this makes me Smile.
:)) Mark

Don't throw a dog a bone ...
Dog Bone Loops on a layout are a Trivial Pursuit.

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