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Mark Gurries

There is no theory about how an autoreverser works.

If there is no technical analysis supporting how offset gaps are solving any problem, then wye would one want to go out of their way spending extra time and effort to create them?

Make is easy for yourself.

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Hi Mike,

There's been a nearly endless discussion on this on either the NCE-DCC forum or the jmriusers one - don't remember which, sorry. The upshot of it was that there are two schools of thought, neither of which could convince the other. Also, and most importantly, nobody had any evidence of anything wrong with the other side's way of working - just lots of theories.

It seemed to me from all that that it didn't make a blind bit of difference, but you'll probably hear people fighting one of the corners here.


On Sat, 11 May 2019 at 20:11, emrldsky <azMikeG@...> wrote:

I have been told that when gaping rails for isolation  that the left rail gap should be in line with the right rail gap. However, the documentation for the reversers, PSX-AR say that they should  be offset by 3/4 inch.

Why the difference? As I use Kato HO Unitrack, providing the offset requires much modification to track pieces.

I have not had problems with aligned gaps.


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