Re: Reverse Loop Gaps and Power Booster for my layout question

Don Vollrath

Ian, The location of red both-rail gaps is good to isolate the main area of train reversals. You will need a single AR controller to control those rails.It does have 5 entrance/exit points which can lead to interference if you have more than one operator using that area. But the track plan almost prohibits that except for loco only or short train moves.
You will need some type of reverser on the turntable if you plan on turning a loco all the way around.
I would not bother with adding another booster district if this is HO or smaller scale. It is highly unlikely you will actually need more than 5 amps to operate the layout. Just place the main controller/booster near the geographic center of the 'U' (lower right in the photo) with the AR unit right next to it and the DCC bus runs in either directions will be kept to minimum length.

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