Re: Older Shinohara Turnout Confusion

Brian Eiland

I have a couple of those older Shinohara double crossovers, and I am really hoping to use at least one of them,...and particularly because of its 2" centerline track dimensions. Here is a subject thread I started on the subject just recently,..

Double-Crossover Dissection, and particularly Shinohara 

One appendix I saw on Allan's site was this one,...

Double Crossover Tutorial

G.T. Galyon has shared his experience with the Walther's/Shinohara double crossovers.  Click below on his tutorial on implementing these crossovers.



This is one of the most clear explanations I have run across. He also describes how to utilize the older crossovers with very minimal modifications. I need to reread it again to insure I understand it all.

There are a few additional questions I would like to ask of him. Would anyone know how to contact the gentleman thru email??


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