Re: Older Shinohara Turnout Confusion


Hi Rick,

Do you really have some of the older Shinohara turnouts?  I'd imagine they are pretty rare now.

Before I answer your question, be aware that there will be new Walthers turnouts in a few months.  There may be some differences from the Walthers/Shinoharas that everyone loved until the factory shut down late last year.  I'm eager to see one when they come out.

Whether you modify your turnouts really depends on your soldering skills.  Soldering pieces of metal rail attached to plastic ties can be a challenge and isn't for everyone.  I'd hate for you to ruin a bunch of turnouts trying to get the job done.  Now that you can't get Walthers/Shinohara turnouts right now, it would not only be expensive to damage them, but replacing them may be impossible.  Note that other brands of turnouts are usually not physically interchangeable.

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

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