Re: Looking for best DCC FOR UP big boy especially whistle

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

There is another whole/hole consideration with Big Boys and DCC with Sound.
I own this N Scale Brass Model of the Big Boy
As well as few of the Plastic Versions in N Scale, along with Other Long Steam Locomotives in both HO and N Scale.
Read both of the above....
Very all of the Big Boy Reincarnations...and FEF-3's too and their tenders as well as the motivations of selecting different decoders.
Then consider this.
What are you guys doing !?!?
Attempting to back up an FEF-3 and it's multi angled tender over Questionable (curved) Track ?

Okay....Now besides the Mechanical/Physics....
Add in an Electronic function as well with DCC and Sound.

Good Luck !
I do not want to discourage you in a purchase of a Big Boy or even a full DCC System to begin to Make it So....
Once you do that...and can get it to run on a straight section of track ...and can back it up too.
We can begin again.
:)) Mark

If you find yourself riding alone in green fields ...Do not be troubled.

I am in an attempt to run perhaps only one long steam locomotive 
Alone....with a train behind it...through Green Fields.
Through and around the perimeter of my well as across a Bridge over to a Layout Space of 30 x 25 feet.
No Trouble ?
= Long Straights
= Parabolic Wide Curves
= Few but when employed long turnouts.
over nothing steeper (as possible) with a Grade of 1.5%.
Why does this UP Modeler hate his Helix ?

Cut two holes in it, so you can. - Patton.
I am considering cutting two holes in my house to run a helix in new construction in my back yard.
Yes, I have a Helix and it works for 99% of my N Scale Fleet.

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