Re: going from bachmann to peco


PECO is made in the U.K./British. ME is made in the U.S. But I found ME harder to work with. PECO is a quality product that IMHO is the better of what's available here in the U.S. The code 83 is pretty darn good and I like it. As for turnouts. If you don't run 0-4-0 steam engines, and/or all diesel, the Insulfrog is good. The Electrofrog is good too, but requires wiring. Of course, if you use a machine to operate the turnout, that will require wiring. And Electrofrog would be worth using. But if no machines, and you only hand throw, the Insulfrog is easier to install. I use NO wiring whatsoever on my Insulfrogs and point feed. Do check out PECO's web site. They have good info on their turnouts. Also, some YouTube videos are helpful. Go ahead and ask questions. That's what we are all here for. To help.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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