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As I said. This is model railroading. Not rocket science. As for the average, normal model railroader, the cheap HF meters are sufficient to get average readings that help determine voltage loss. I measure both DC and AC volts. As long as they read the same at each end of my layout. And that means the 3 meters can all have different readings, but use one meter at one end and then the other end and if it reads the same, it's OK. Do the same with other meters to be sure. But for "accuracy", I'm not interested. I don't need "accuracy" or expensive meters. This is a hobby for fun. And y'all ruin my fun by insisting that cheap "VOM", which I take it to mean HF, aren't "good enough". Phooey! I'm not here to hurt anyone. I'm not trying to sell HF. I'm only speaking MHO from my experience. If y'all want to spend $80 or more, go ahead. As long as I'm sure my track voltage is consistent from the command station to any track on my layout, I'm happy. This is not to put anyone down. This is just my opinion and experience. Y'all make it sound like "if you don't buy $80 meters, you won't get accurate readings." So what? The time you need to buy a RRamp meter is when you like to spend money for "accuracy". But my sincere point is why? That's like buying a Cadillac instead of a Chevy. They both get you there. And what difference does it make if you get a reading of 11.6 or 15.6? As long as that reading is the same wherever you check.
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