Re: Railroad Drop Bridges

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

They are actually TWO Lionel so called O Scale Bascule Bridges (circa 1998 Chinese Construction) which are set in stanchions (Lionel Provided)
which sit end to end.
So...a Train enters one side of the Bridge...then crosses over to another.
Good Luck with that...I am still working on a precise end to end fit and alignment.
>>> In N Scale this means the two lowering bridges must have a near perfect alignment of less than 1/16th's of an inch.
With a bit of whittling to the underside of Dual Track Kato viaduct sections...they can snap over the existing Lionel Three Rail system.
With one motor however and gear set...As a single bridge tends to skew to one side and wobble a bit.
By adding a Second Gear Motor Assembly, I hope to lower the entire bridge into tighter (less clearance) position.
*Ordered the extra set from Lionel. I will need another.
The Twin End to End Bridges will meet in the middle.
Over nothing below them ?
No...I was not able to extend even one bridge a few inches and allow it to rise to a straight up position - 90 degree angle...
So ...No, I am not passing by body through these two bridges.
They as is will only lift to an angle of 45 degrees...More of an affect rather than an effect on my Layout.
I intend to keep them operational by remote control of their motors.
Here is where my initial inspiration came from.

The Lionel Bridge meet nearly the same exact dimensions...when using N Scale Ratios.
The Twin Bridges at 23 inches long each but not the land base ...Can expand across a 36 inch walkway.
That's why there will be two.
When not swung out to connect to the main layout....They are hidden in a cabinet.
Just a Heads Up...I probably already have over 100 hours into this project including re-detailing just one of the Bridges with HO and N Scale parts.
This mixture of purchases has often confused people on exactly which scale I am primarily modeling.
But I assure you...Many items in Model Railroading are not properly sized.
I was somewhat a weird child who carried a Ruler around with him with my name on it.
I "mark" or measure near on anything and everything.
So...Near on Immediately I see N Scale in an O Scale Bridge.
:)) Mark

This is a properly sized O Scale Bridge.

Yes taller than a man.
All Lionel Operational O Scale Bridges are more closely aligned to the measurements of N Scale at 1:152 ratio.

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