Re: Railroad Drop Bridges

Brian Eiland

I plan on swinging out Two Operational Matched/Twin Bascule Bridges which together sit on one section of lumber/aluminum then (river below); then are locked into place.
Just getting the two Bascule bridges to align has been an issue..
I added a second motor and gear assembly which seems to tighten up the bridge considerably as it lowers into place. Now for the other one.

Are you talking of two bascule bridges side by side that sit on the alum/lumber to 'swing out'?....swing which way?? Have you got some sort of sketch?

I have in mind twin bascule bridges side by side that will mount on my swing up to the ceiling frame. I'm looking for the 'appearance factor' so will NOT want to make the bridges operational themselves.
Layout Room Entrance-Way Bridges

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