Re: DCC Meters

Michael Rozeboom

On 2019-04-27 7:54 p.m., Brad Bunnin wrote:
Fluke meters are reliable, in the statistical sense. They’re also easy to use, versatile, and durable. But they’re not cheap. I was lucky enough to buy a used one from an electronics guy who was retiring. It’s worth keeping a lookout for a used instrument.

Fluke meters are good, but their accuracy is a function of price.  Towards the low end, they work well, but only guarantee their AC accuracy to about 2kHz.  Their desktop DMMs are accurate into the 100s of kHz on AC.  I also have a Fluke 1000:1 probe at at work, you don't use that with a low end handheld. For real accuracy and less mental math you have to use that with one of their high end handhelds.

Some of the TEK desktop DMMs out there are in fact a rebadged Fluke.

For the truly cool factor (and accuracy to go with it), you want the old HP3458A. 

Michael Rozeboom

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