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I have solved my problem in another way. Since I had tons of AWG 20. I simply ran a separate wire from the rail to the command station. At the C.S. end, used terminal blocks. Connected two wires to each screw and all screws wired to the C.S. with AWG 18. That's only about a foot. The longest wire from a rail to the C.S. is just shy of 12 feet. All others are shorter. There are now a total of 19 wires at the C.S. 10 blue and 9 red. All easy to wire, all connected to the C.S. with screws. And all have feeders of less than 12" connected to the same AWG wires as a buss. I hope this is clear. I tested with 3 different H.F. meters. Measured AC volts, DC volts, resistance and continuity of all tracks at various places/each end and in between the ends and the C.S. and all readings are consistent. Loco runs fine with no slowdown or change in speed. Not sure how to measure amps. (Am not about to spend money on a RRamp).But what works, works. Thanks to all for your suggestions. And since I'm such a contrarian. All wires are on top of the foam and all run from the rails to the front edge of the layout and run along that front to the place where the terminal blocks are and the C.S./a Zephyr also on top. Everything easy to reach, easy to work with, easy to check for shorts, etc. All wires soldered or with screw connectors. No sloppy. All color coded. All just the way I wanted. But because of all your suggestions and advice, I am now a happily wired up. LOL
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