Re: going from bachmann to Hell and Back.

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Sending Back to Bachmann...
Over and Over Again...Expecting a Different my definition of Insanity in Model Railroading.
Yet it is done all the time.
Not Me...

I purchased several N Scale Athearn/Roundhouse 2-6-0's/2-8-0's via eBay on the cheap

For around $20-$30 each and even put DCC in a few of them.
AFTER !?!?!?

I spend upwards of 12 hours on each one...CORRECTING Manufacturing Issues missed during fit and finish assembly.
I believe these specific locomotives had been sent back to Athearn and then unloaded on eBay.
Even the good folks at Athearn USA won't actually work on them....Walther's does the same...and I have no idea what Bachmann actually does.
But I don't care....
Good !
No problem for me...I would rather buy cheap and fix it myself  = than buy expensive and then be disappointed.
You can't expect a fish to climb a tree....- Albert
The name of my Cat who often looks over me as I work at my Roll Top Desk.
When i get take any sort of break...I roll the top down...For Albert sometimes thinks he can fix it better than me !
Perhaps he does as it crashes to the floor.....
Thank you Albert...I have been wanting to smash that thing against the floor for many a past hour.
Eventually correcting as many as 20 separate issues per locomotive...YES ! I can get nearly any locomotive to work and run well.
Not me...Instead, I have been fortunate enough to have a Neighbor who burned himself out on the Hobby...I believe cause of Bachmann and his Dusty Garage.
Again I got my Bachman Cheap ...
Which includes...

Yes, the Bachmann Two Truck Shay.
Mine Works...but i believe it needed all new NWSL Gearing to complete it's journey.

Not all Spectrum is created equally yet all of it needs some tweaking.
:)) Mark

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