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Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

I was getting my University Degrees (Behavioral Sciences) in the 1970's, while I was STRUGGLING with an N Scale John Armstrong Track Plan which took me 10 years to finally give up on. Yes, I am very familiar with your situation....and Model Railroading too.
In the 1970's, I went from the then Atlas Track to Shinohara...often spending my entire Lunch Money allocation for a month by walking home for lunch on School Days.
That is $25 for a single Shinohara Double Turnout....or upwards of 4 weeks of one dollar lunches and a coke at the Student Commissary in 1970's Money.
Only to discover Double Turnouts have other issues and Shinohara Turnouts also have issues.
Oops! and Oops! Again.
What brought me back to the Hobby AFTER a 30 year Hiatus?
You Tube Videos of Kato Unitrack.
such as this one....
Though today...I solder and mix trackage and brands, even Hand-Crafting my own with Fast Track Jigs....
Stay away from any other Trackage OTHER than Kato Unitrack.
In these days...I am also Substitute Teaching....I see Run On Sentences often, even in our School Systems of Today.
My Job is to inch the students along as best as possible, and never be derogatory.
I make an exception about being derogatory when it comes to Bachmann.
Go from Success to Success...and stay the Hell away from Bachmann.
Hope this message better guides you.
:)) Mark

I do own and operate Bachmann DCC with Sound in both N and HO Scale Locomotives....but it taint easy.
All my Bachmann has been reworked upwards to 100 hours on just a pair of Diesels with Other than Bachmann Decoders.  Steam and Two Truck Shays...OMG ! even more hours to make them work and work well.
>>> I will say the Bachmann Dynamis produced and contracted by ESU is a plausible DCC System but so is the Digitrax Zephyr...but I run on an ECoS.
Yet once again...I am urging you to stay with DC and perhaps a simple Kato or MRC Transformer.
Here's the thing.....What is the true value of Bachmann?
> I purchased a $350 at MSRP HO Scale Bachmann Steam Locomotive with a LokSound Sound Decoder already re-installed and the entire locomotive gearing reworked for ...
$140 Cash Money
Then I got the guy to help me go fetch a 5x9 FREE N Scale Layout, some 14 miles away in his pick-up truck for $10 gas money.
Then I bought another equally reworked and re-decoded N Scale Bachmann Steam Locomotive for $125.
I have never and will never intentionally buy anything NEW which says Bachmann on it at least not at MSRP.
I get my Bachmann at it's true value...which is CHEAP,  even after being reworked. I paid $65 for my Dynamis.
I also speak and read German (which helps me with my ECoS) and gives me a proper perspective on DCC.
Once again.....
Here is Kato Unitrack (and the ECoS)

I mean if you have to go DCC....Do it so it works !

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