Re: going from bachmann to peco


I was going to cover my Bachman Two Truck Shay..  I decided not.   It was the new spectrum series.  But the gearing kept messing up.   AND that was sending back to Bachmann twice.  No, I have gave up on Bachman.  I would love to have a DCC steam locomotive someday. 


On Fri, Apr 26, 2019, 15:50 <staceyatvt@...> wrote:
well i give up on bachmann its to much to try and make it dcc i was looking at peco tracks and turnouts code 75 i dont know much about it and atlas tracks code 75 ho sccale can i mixed atlas and peco tracks i read peco trurnouts are better and atlas code 75 strights and curve tracks as well  ist ill buy the stright and curves then the turnouts also my room i can use about half its about 7 ft W x 9 1/2 Long i got my main line going around that space and 3 trunouts enter rail yard and 3 that exit it in the yard i got 4 turnouts connecting to each of the 4 rails the 3 rails exit the yard to main 4th is a dead end use that for the hopper cars to pick up litle things like weel parts ect so shuold i keep them as one type code track or can i mix atlas and peco tracks

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