Re: going from bachmann to peco


sorry about my spelling and gramer yes it sucks and not easy when spend a good part of my child hood in a state run childrens phyp hospitol in the 70s they didnt know anything about autism in  yeay 2000 they didtest and that when i lean i have autism And Im 56 Now but anyway 
1 can I mix atlas with peco tracks 
2 shuold i make sure they all same code  
3 on my train layout therre will be 11 turnouts using the elect frogs on the trunouts    
4 i want to run the turnout switching together  on  1 a bo0x i can use just for the turnout swtiches  and have a controller for the trains is there a switch type box i can use just for them 
i hope this is a bit better so u understand it better
thank you

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