Re: bacmann ez track and dcc

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Once again...
I am going to be Odd Man Out...but I would seriously reconsider running DCC with anything Bachmann as it comes out of the box, including the Bahaman Dynamis by ESU which I do own (along with nearly every other American sold DCC system).  I own several reworked Bachmann Locomotives and not one of them is still equipped with their original decoder. Even if you simply go DC with Bachmann Track and Switches...Yes, You are going to need to solder drop down feeders as well as rework their Turnouts.
I am making this statement with the experience of a 7 year old in 1960 with ONE Lionel 4-6-2 on a 5x9 table on a Bottle Route Budget (See Homeless today collecting bottles for one penny each; where I got 3 cents per in 1960). I was given...Korean War vintage steel track with fiber board ties held on by staples ...and I made it work....
So...Yes,  layout can be made with Bachmann Track.
However...when it was nearly given to me...I passed. 
But when a man offered me three boxes of Kato Unitrack ...after buying everything else from his layout.... at 10 cents to the MSRP $ + I took the gift gleefully.
DCC is not cheap and can be very confusing...Whoever said DCC Made EZ wants to talk to fools.
:)) Mark

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