Re: Cleaners & Lubricants

PennsyNut <pennsynut@...>

John White: I'm not afraid. per se. Just cautious. Reluctant to try anything that costs money and might be a waste of my precious income. My income is very low, fixed, and I'm 80 yrs old. That's why when you see my comments, I always refer to being frugal. Like I said: I have a jar full of pencil lead shavings from when I used drafting tools. There's no wood or other in with this graphite. And I can easily check with a magnet. It's free to me now. So, I will try that. This only explains why I will wait to buy any graphite. Pretty much the same with other stuff. All these other ideas that cost more than a buck, just don't tempt me. LOL Alcohol and acetone are cheap. CRC 2-26 is not.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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