Re: K.I.S.S.


Mike: Exactly what I found out. I'd like to think it was my own "figuring out". But in truth, it was a little of group info and thinking. I did power the one rail from the frog/actually, the feeder is on the track connected to the turnout. That way, the main is powered, but the siding is not. I can live with this. It is pretty much what we had in DC. And in fact, when viewing the bottom of the turnout, there's provision made by PECO to wire the point to the closure. If I want to do that. Soldering is a lot easier for me now that I've had some practice with feeders. In fact, I can solder to the bottom of the rail and that way, the wire is virtually invisible. But for me, this is a done deal. And thanks to all who contributed to this forum. K.I.S.S. is what we should all strive for. Soldering each and every rail is a waste of time - for me. Keeping feeders about every 3 feet is good. That may mean every piece of flex, but the turnouts need no wire and that's one of my thoughts - to keep it simple.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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