Re: Cleaners & Lubricants

Tom G.

Thanks for the tip, Alex. 


On Apr 10, 2019, at 6:21 AM, Alex Hempel <rainynight65@...> wrote:

After the isopropyl cleaning did not bring the desired long term effect, I looked around for other options, and on one forum (I don't remember where) someone recommended jewelry polish. I gave that a try today with liquid silver polish from the supermarket. Apply, let dry for a moment, wipe off. My trains have never run this well, all of them, even the light two-axle rail tractor which has been struggling everywhere.

The caveat is that you have to make sure you only apply it to the head of the rails. You don't want it dripping down the side, and certainly not on the ballast or sleepers, it's a bitch to get off again once it's dry. I'm using the Proses cleaning car with a felt pad that's soaked in the polish, run it along the tracks manually, then wipe off with a clean cloth, lightly wetted with isopropyl, and finish off with a make-up sponge. Will see how long this lasts.

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