Re: K.I.S.S.


Don. Thank you. The problem I had was all the "options". Insulate rails? Not insulate rails? So what I did was run a feeder to the "frog rail" for the main. Now the main is powered no matter what way the turnout was thrown. But the siding is only powered when the turnout is thrown for it. And that's all. That's what I wanted to know. Now, if I want the main to be dead with the turnout thrown for the siding, I can disconnect that feeder and whichever way the turnout is thrown against, is dead. So I solved this myself. But it was what you said "So... simply connect constant DCC power of the proper polarity to both of your flextracks leading away from the turnout... without using any insulated joiners." that did the trick. I had been hesitant to connect another feeder without insulating, not knowing if it would cause a short.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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