Re: K.I.S.S.

Don Vollrath


The turnout as provided by PECO looks great and will not cause any shorts by itself. There is no instant need to butcher it up or provide additional electrical connections. However there ARE issues to take care of if you want rails beyond the turnout to always be correctly powered with DCC.

To do only that... The KISS principal says that you will need to 1) Isolate both of the frog exit rails beyond the turnout by providing insulated rail joiners at the frog end of the turnout, and 2) Provide electrical connections of your choice to power the connecting mainline and spur tracks beyond the turnout. Power to the turnout itself will come from your mainline connections at the point end of the turnout. If you do 1) and 2) power to internal PECO turnout rails and frog will take care of themselves with positioning of the throwbar. Power beyond the turnout will always be provided by your connections to those tracks. Will it work? ... Yes.

BUT... you will eventually learn that the selective electrical polarity connections to the turnout frog and frog rails via the movable points may become intermittent over time due to dirt and other contamination. Hence all the chit-chat on how to reconnect the turnout rails to prevent that. This is in part what making the turnout more "DCC Friendly" is all about. 


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