Re: K.I.S.S.


What am I saying that is not clear. My turnouts are NOT wired. The turnout itself does not need wiring. I have reviewed a lot of drawings and diagrams - all about wiring a turnout. I choose not to wire the turnout. So is there a way to power the flex track at the frog end? Point feed works for me. Just that when the turnout is thrown one way that the other leg of track after the frog is powered. Or does it even have to be powered? As in sidings. You throw the turnout for the main and the siding is dead. Is this what it's supposed to be? And if the siding is to be powered, is there a short section of jumper wire connecting that rail to somewhere else so the power is there? Is this clear? NO WIRES ON TURNOUT. The turnout works fine as it is. There is continuity and no loss of voltage or amperage through the turnout.
From what I see on the bottom of an Insulfrog, there are jumpers from the point rail past the frog to the subsequent rail beyond the turnout.
I sure wish there was a way to do a diagram of what I mean. I can't seem to get jpg, pdf, odf, etc. I was able to draw a track plan on AnyRail6. But how do I get it to where I can add lines, arrows, using color, etc. I converted .any to jpg and jpg to pdf, but they lose part of the drawing.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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