Re: Power/wiring


Hi rrailey,

If you really have power to the tracks (how do you know?), you are probably asking the wrong group at the moment. Depending on your hardware, you might be better off looking at specific groups that exist for the support of your brand.

I could start guessing (best guess now: you cannot read CVs because you are using not your command station in programming track mode). But guessing isn't going to get this resolved, probably.


On Thu, 4 Apr 2019 at 17:54, <rrailey1@...> wrote:
I just finished a new layout and am a novice at best.  I have had trouble with shorts but thought I had it finished when the command light went on.  However, I cannot get either of my engines to run or get work.  I have power two the tracks.  

When I run through the setup, it says it cannot read the CV.  I as struggling needless to say.

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