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Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

I am in a project to run an N Scale Train around the perimeter of much of my 2900 square foot house on a perch (above the cats) then drop it down via an oblong Helix (closet) to my sit down table height of 30 inches in the back Family Room (main layout).
> I like to hear trains off in the distance....even Model Railroad Trains around my house.
>>> I bought three gigantic rolls of old time Door Bell Wire from a local Habitat for Humanity Restore for $5.
So...If such wire was good enough for 12 volt transformers back in the day?
No....I am not going there.
===> DCC with Sound is a whole other level of Model Railroading.
I won't tell you what to do with YOUR LAYOUT...except do the best you can with what you got.
If this was 1959...I would be very happy with the Bell Door Wire for my then 5x9 HO Scale Table.
Cause I was 6 years old in 1959, when I began my first layout with nearly no money.
I did the best I could and had a lot of fun in creating it with only one Lionel  4-6-2 locomotive, a few train set cars and a Varney Two Dollar Kits.
I made my own trees, the Silo was an Oatmeal Box...and dirt?
I used dirt
....  and found my own tree moss.
> To this day; I can tell you which way North is.
So....Find your own direction.
At the age of 6...
I had actually witnessed Steam Locomotives in action !!!! and knew then their very distinctive sounds.
For me however...and I am not 100% sure my AWG is sufficient enough for the long trek of track I am submitting it to.....
I am using 12 AWG, stranded copper wire...Color Coded to Kato Standards of Blue with a White Stripe and White with a Blue Stripe as my main buss wire.
Then using Kato Drop down plug in leads from the track itself, to every 18 inch soldered section.
In locomotives themselves...I am using combinations of 24 to 36 AWG Decoder Wiring.
Yes, in model railroading >>> I am mixing gauges.
Cause 12 Gauge AWG simply will not fit inside an N Scale Locomotive.
The Z Scale Guys worry about 30 vs 36 AWG.
In house/home wiring however ...I do not mix gauges to the outlets.
So all outlets are 12 gauge, some overhead lighting is 14 gauge and all panels are 6/3.
What's my house wiring having to do with my Model Railroad?
Perhaps nothing ...but many of the outlets around my home were out of Phase with other worser problems too.
For me however...
I am looking from the PG&E Pole outside, through my house to my ESU ECoS and then all the way to the Speaker wire in my locomotives.
If my ECoS (DCC Controller) was expecting 240 volts European...Can it adjust well with 120 volts American ?
I don't know !
I often do the math and then measure anyway. (and I am not happy about that tree so close to the PG&E Transformer either)
> a 10% Drop is unacceptable, at least i like to think it is....but I won't really know till i finish running the track around my house.
If your layout is say under 4x8 feet...Do what every you want...with what ever you got.
And don't fret all the mistakes you are about to make.
You will have the opportunity to make different ones for your next layout.
:)) Mark

If a model train leaves your layout's passenger station in your family room...
Can you hear it when it arrives in your bedroom on the far side of the house?
At 65 years old...I don't know.
When I was 6.....I could tell the differences in sounds of locomotives all over this town.

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