Isolated Outlet for my DCC ECoS.

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

We may soon be subjected to Rolling Black-outs as well as Brown Outs, as Californians are easily manipulated.
but I am near naturally paranoid; so I tend to get off at the next exist and avoid the 80 car pile-up.
With that said....
I have added a Square D Surge Suppressor to my main panel.

I am also considering running not only an isolated dedicated circuit to my ECoS with it's own filtered/stabilized protected box...but to also run the outlet to it's own Earthing Isolated Ground.
That is it's own double ground pole 8-10 foot tall pounded into the ground system
Not just an  Orange Outlet but to a Red Outlet.
And not through a sub panel but via a Dedicated Home Run Circuit with it's own GFCI/CAFI Circuit Breaker in the main panel.
Got Buzz?
Once i repaired the main panel, added proper earth-ground poles (5 so far)  re-phased or simply left disconnected the many ??? outlets...
and ran new 12 gauge colored coded wiring to those in use and 6/3 to the sub panels.
Along with questioning the entire Bonding System between the many appliances and Water Gas Meter ...OMG~!
My entire grid was essentially only grounded to the GAS Meter.  The Gas Meter it's on it's own ground.
==> My WIFi began to work for the ENTIRE HOUSE and it doesn't loose a signal or even weaken ...Like Never.
CAT5 Connection Stays CAT 5 Connection and no longer drops down to generic (slower) Wifi.
We don't need to stinking' buzzing in my house.
I suspect strongly that my ECoS will be able to control my entire DCC System through out my entire home, perhaps even without a Sniffer.
As rumor states it is Radio Controlled and not Infrared Line of Sight.
But Honestly...I do not  yet know that.
I haven't even unboxed my ESU Controller II.
Just too many distractions in Northern California to every day living.

No matter where I go....
There is a line and they are forcing me to wait.
I hate the 21st Century.
Home Depot once again has modified it's check out system.....i hate it even more than the last one.

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