Re: Running Wire in Cut Groves of Accent Trim for Perch/Shelf N Scale Trackage. Trackage through Walls?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Thank you Don and every one else as well....

I need to be careful; as I see nearly everything in a 360 degree manner.
(And am often accused of being Off-Topic.)
What is the Hub of the Conversation .....?
While I want to talk about the whole wheels...the many spokes.... as well as the rim.
This Forum however ...
It's all about the wiring.
Yet for me....
>>> Yes, such a project does include Cleaning and Derailing along with Electrical Factors as well.
Plus Physics and my own limitations say some 30 years from now when I am 95.
Meaning ...I use 12 gauge, i  have always used 12 gauge since the age of 10 for Aviation, Automotive and Home use.
Never have I hooked up a 20 amp circuit to 14 gauge wire and some thirty years from now...I will still remember that.
With that said...
This is not my first such Shelf/Accent Trim Oval.
I created one circa 2016 at my other house (1908) in my bedroom; with Lionel O Scale Fast Track.
Then as I often do...I began a Bridge too Far.
I aded HO Kato Unitrack and 28" Radius N Scale Unitrack increasing the radius of the O Scale to O-72.
This of course increased the width of the shelving but It did suffice to prove this theorem....
Model Railroading Shares Physics....
N Scale runs great on a 71 inch radius while looking prototype too. (Doesn't Derail either)
Again it's 360 degree thinking...

If I have the room for O Scale...then I have the room for N Scale.
I actually stole the idea of Soldered N Scale Kato Unitrack from Lionel.
> I can take unsnap and take down for Cleaning or whatever...Long Lengths of 30 inch soldered track be it Lionel or Kato.
Then ?
Fit the length of track on the top shelf of my Miele Dishwasher or clean it on the long stainless steel sink, salvaged from a restaurant.
and if that doesn't work....I may hire a tall girl in a short skirt.

We have a yet another combined issue here with the San Joaquin/Northern California environment....
From Tulle Fog, to Tulare Ticks, To Peat Dust, Ashe from Forrest Fires as well as Valley Fever.
Though my entire first floor has double paned windows with Planation Shutters....and for the most part I leave the windows closed and locked.
There is already a fine layer of dust over the planks of the shutters.
I am also installing a Whole House Vacuum System; so there will be an outlet in every room of the house.
I also possess my own Federal HVAC (EPA) License so will be adding a serious filtration system to the Duct work but I am already planning on relocating some of it as well.
I am considering some sort of Return Air Vent System via each and every room in this house...
> Not the old school thinking of one large ceiling vent in the hallway and the other, in the dining room.  
> The best way to keep the track clean to keep it from getting dirty.
:)) Mark

I already own perhaps every commercially available N Scale Track Cleaning System ever created.... and can tell you what does not work here.
>>> Garage Layouts
Where did i get some of the most expensive ones ? but purchased them on the cheap.
Garage Layouts get too dirty too fast for I have now purchased several of them at perhaps 10 cents to the MSRP $.
Keeping a Layout Clean here is a serious issue....

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