Re: Running Wire in Cut Groves of Accent Trim for Perch/Shelf N Scale Trackage. Trackage through Walls?

Don Vollrath

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 02:06 PM, Mark Cartwright wrote:
How to control the this long trackage through Walls over a distance ?
and not loose the DCC/Sound signal along the way....
Twisting the DCC power bus as it follows the track is the right method but be sure to add a snubber/filter to the DCC bus at the far end away from the track power booster. That helps greatly to minimize signal interference due to long DCC bus feed wires. 100-150 Ohms (not critical), 1/2 watt in series with a 0.1 uFD, 50V (or so) non-polarized ceramic capacitor are the right values to use. 12 AWG is probably overkill. 14 or 16 will work equally as well for N scale. You could also add a second snubber ~1/2 way down the bus if there is interference. 

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