Running Wire in Cut Groves of Accent Trim for Perch/Shelf N Scale Trackage. Trackage through Walls?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Hello all....

In some older houses...There is an Accent Trim, near the top of the Wall an inch or so down from the Ceiling.
Not necessarily a moulding but sometimes it is referred as such.

Both my 1908 and 1941 era Houses have such Trim.
I am setting up Kato N Scale Unitrack on the One Inch Wide accent trim my  1941 Home.
I was attempting to paint this accent trim, when I figured it would simply be easier to remove it.
And once in my hand....
This is about One Inch Wide...
=== The Width of N Scale Kato Track.
>  I am developing a long route of N Scale Track around most of my be raised and lowered from my Bedroom to the Main Layout in the Family Room via a Helix (Hidden in the Second Bedrooms extra closet_.
To wire it all, I am cutting a grove down the back of the Trim...and putting in Twisted 12 Gauge Colored Coded Stranded Wire as well as soldering the Kato Unitrack in lengths of 18 inches. Each Soldered Section with it's own Drop Down Lead.
With DCC and Sound...?
Good Luck with that !
Now the issue might be....
How to control the this long trackage through Walls over a distance ?
and not loose the DCC/Sound signal along the way....
For this....
I have a Clue and have an ESU ECoS, ESU Sniffer, Bachmann Dynamis and ESU Navigator standing by.
The Worry ?
I really will not know it will work...Till it is completed.
:)) Mark

Wi Fi and my ESU Hand Controller...?
Again I don't know if I will be able to walk through the house, following the train as it Travels Through Walls.

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