Re: Wiring problem

Don Vollrath

Charles, I only see the photo you posted on March 4 in your photo folder. Is there a different one?
It is possible that the MRC reverser is just too slow to work with the NCE 5 amp command station and booster (or possibly faulty).
You should be able to verify action of the Auto-Reverser by simply using an alligator clip jumper across any isolating same-rail gap. The A-R unit should simply flip to make the net voltage across the gap to be zero (the same polarity) and the booster should never trip out. Make sure the wire gauge from the booster to the reverser and then to the loop track feeders is at least as big as 18 AWG, and that there are track feeders reasonably close to the isolating gaps in the track. I recommend using an OG-AR. But a dual frog joicer when installed properly should also work.


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