Re: Wiring problem


Hello Charles:

Perhaps check the MRC units on some loose track. Just two sections connected with insulated joints. Power straight to one section and power through the MRC unit to the other. Then use your alligator jumpers to "short" across the gap. Test lamps would be nice here.

If they work this way, then you face more checking on your layout. I use a "beeper" with clips to check for any cross connections between sections. With the wires loose on your reversing section there should be NO beep at all.

Good Hunting, Carl.

On 3/10/2019 2:12 PM, Charles Cauble wrote:
Hi, It's me again.  After days of trying, no success yet.  I've added a more detailed photo (Loop wiring) to the gallery. I have tried so many location for the MRC that i finally started using alligator clips.  i have managed to get all my "juiced" turnouts to work and  my locomotive will run everywhere either direction except at point A. There it shorts out either direction.  The tracks inside the loop are not connected.  It turned out that I had some "dead" spots and I've corrected them.  My NCE system does not short out until crossing "A".  I thought about moving "A"  just before turnout "4" but have hesitated because in order to stop derailments I soldered flex tracks for a smooth curve and I would hate to do it and it not work.  I have 2 MRC units and so far no luck.  my next step would either use a frog juicer or an AR1.  I thought maybe the MRC is not sensitive enough to reverse and a AR1 is supposed to be adjustable? Any suggestions?


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