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Tim Johnson

Charles, I'm glad you were able to find the photo section, and get your track diagram posted.

You've already got both rails of the loop section gapped on both ends of the loop. You need to attach the auto reverser so that the wires from the main section go on the non-loop side of the reverser, and the wires from the loop track go into the loop side of the auto reverser.

Now, you have a branch off the right side of the loop to consider. Is this a spur, or does it reconnect with your main track somewhere further down? If it's a spur, no problem. But, if it reconnects to your main track you may have another loop depending on how it reconnects.

The further consideration is that you want to be careful that you don't have wheels bridging the gaps on either end at the same time. This is usually stated as no train longer than the loop from gap to gap. The idea is that you don't want the possibility of metal wheels bridging the gaps on one end at the same time as another set of metal wheels are bridging the gaps on the other end. That could also happen with two trains, one entering and the other exiting at the same time.

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On 3/5/2019 1:50 PM, Charles Cauble wrote:

I think I have the diagram of the loop in an albumn now.  any suggestions of where to locate the MRC auto reverser?
I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks.

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