Re: Forgive my ignorance! Am I creating several reverse loops on my proposed layout?



There's a lot of peering involved at detail really too small to properly see everything, but I'm quite convinced there's a reversing section on the richt-hand side as well. The small single-track piece between the two turnouts creates a nice short as it is.

I've only seen version 1 of the left hand side, and apart from the red part and the turntable, there was another reversing section involving most of the yard. Either that, or I fell into the too-little-detail trap, or in V2 it was changed.



On Tue, 5 Mar 2019 at 02:59, Don Vollrath <donevol43@...> wrote:
Although there is a lot of loopy track that yields the appearance of bi-directional travel, I see only one actual polarity reversing problem section... Plus the turntable itself. It is the 'inside' loop of Red track running around the roundhouse near bottom left of the drawing. Easily solved with an auto-reverser with double isolating gaps at 1) the last turnout leading into the red loop around the roundhouse, and 2) each of the 2 Red staging tracks to the left of the roundhouse and the connecting Blue return line toward the top of the layout. Gap both rails at the frog end of those respective turnouts and wire that whole loop, including those 2 turnouts, through an auto-reverser. Be careful to ensure that you wire up all other double-track areas using the same Right-Left / North-South polarity convention so as to avoid polarity shorting issues at places where there are cross-overs despite which direction the trains will actually be moving. [With DCC forward is always forward.] If there is another path to actually cause a train to reverse directions on a previously traveled section, I don't see it..
However, I agree with Mark C. that the layout looks to be very tight with way too many short radius curves and steep grades.


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