Re: Forgive my ignorance! Am I creating several reverse loops on my proposed layout?

Tom G.


I cannot thank you guys enough for your input. I agree with Mark, I'm trying to fit as much in here as possible and will end up suffering, It's easier to add than take away later and have money tossed for parts I don't need. I'm concerned at the level of technical difficulty in operations as well. I did my best to keep my radius above 11" using only two curves at 11" with the majority in 13 3/4" and 12 3/8". Based on what you said, should I be steering away from Kato? I looked at the links you sent and man, my space shrunk by a lot. If I need 28" radius how does Kato even stay in business? I thought I was doing well with my curves. I'd like to know more but I don't want to flood everyone with emails since the group gets them all.

I am sharing the track plan made with Scarm ( if it makes it easier to see the layout) My thoughts on Scarm and the layout is I will make adjustments as I go along the build process. 

I changed the right side to more of an oval helix like a train around a mountain.

Scarm Layout:


Center Section:

Mountain/Right Side Section:

3D Rendering of Layout:

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