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Tom G.


Thank you, I understand. I understand the reason the whole train (or at least all powered sections need to be on one side as well. Thank you! 


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Best to draw it out so you can see it. First yes you double gap both ends. If you draw the rails on paper with one being black and the other rail say red. When the red meets up with a black you have a short. Thus the need for a double gap. But an engine or lighted passenger car is not on one side and then magically on the other side of the gap. You have for a period of time one truck on one side and the other truck on the other side. 

So you need a way to flip polarity very fast.

More complicated is if your reverse loop isn’t long enough. But that is for later after you get the above concept. 

David Klemm
Xs Max

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Thanks for the tip!

Can someone explain why my thinking is incorrect? If you gap the rails into the loop and apply bus power to both sides, separately, why does it matter if there’s a reverse loop? Won’t the train just get power and keep trucking?


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Just placed my simple method of finding reverse loops in the Photos section. I find a truck and place a small piece of blue tape on one side of the truck. Then, I place the truck on the track with the blue tape on the north rail and run it around the layout. If you find the blue tape winds up on a south rail then you've discovered a reverse loop. This works for simple reverse loops but not sure if it will work on complicated reverse loops within loops. Can't remember where I got this tip but, be sure I did not discover it.

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