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Hello Charles,

Unfortunately, in-line pictures and attachments are not coming through. They have t be uploaded to the 'photos' section you will see when logged in to Let us know when that's done, and somebody will be sure to chime in.


On Mon, 4 Mar 2019 at 15:24, Charles Cauble <drbeetlebaum@...> wrote:
Just started back this year (since I retired at 70) after a 40 year absence from my old DC layouts I started wiring when I was 12.  Still have that train.  So far I’ve been able to slowly figure out wiring a new DCC layout in progress but now have run into a problem with what I think may be a loop.  When I’ve tried to add a MRC auto reverser it shorts my NCE 5 amp system down.  Here is a drawing of the section in question.  Any ideas on where to attach auto reverse?  Help would be greatly appreciated because at this point I’m stumped.

Charles Cauble

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